The long-awaited Subaru XVI concept

June 29, 2015 at 20:30

Subaru XVI concept will be a prototype of the long-awaited sports car new generation. What will be different? Under the hood, of the Subaru XVI concept will be installed V8 (with equal bore and stroke) 2.3-liter petrol engine with a combined fuel injection, developed specifically for the new concept.

Subaru XVI picture

Subaru XVI pics

Each cylinder of the engine operating two nozzles, one of which delivers the fuel into the intake manifold at low load, and the second – directly into the combustion chamber when the load is high. As a result, the power unit of the concept will be able to give 400 hp at 7000 rev / min and torque of 205Nm range 6400-6600 rev / min.

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