Spyker C9 – great Dutch exotic

June 5, 2015 at 21:37

This is a machine with flashy appearance. It screams that it can rival Porsche and Ferrari. And it is right, but only partially: Spyker can rival these two only in the parking lot of the expensive restaurant, but it can’t compete with them on the track.

Extraordinary Spyker C9 Concept pic

Extraordinary Spyker C9 Concept pic

Many people saw C8 salon, and all of them will agree with me that it is pleasantly unusual: it is red, but so comfortable due to these lines throughout the area of the skin trimming of the salon. We will see something like that in this car. We will see something that will strike us and will gain our favor.

This is no need to say much about the technical equipment. Like all models this one will be equipped with an updated engine from Audi. It is possible, that the car will receive modified suspension and brakes.

But the technique is not important in this machine. Its appearance and public glory is valuable.

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