Jeep Wrangler KJ is a perfect combination of functionality and power

June 6, 2015 at 21:15

The new Jeep Wrangler KJ concept is an excellent off-road vehicle with its own soul.

This is not a family man, it is more selfish. Only a driver of Jeep Wrangler KJ will like it, he will like it for the road which it is able to overcome, and for the fact that it is always ready to overcome any severe off-road. Modest interior will be some special thrill, it will not be a disadvantage of the machines, and there is nothing extras, just everything you need.

Powerful Jeep Wrangler KJ concept pic

Powerful Jeep Wrangler KJ concept pic

A wide variety of motors for such a machine is not necessary. It is enough that the range includes two diesel engines and one petrol unit.

In the family, I think this car will not get accustomed, except it will be used as a “weekend” machine or a “workhorse.”

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