Indomitable Renault Scenic Cabrio concept

June 6, 2015 at 21:31

The stereotypical opinion that Scenic is totally a family car will be dispelled by the release of such a vehicle.

Future Renault Scenic Cabrio image

Future Renault Scenic Cabrio image

This Renault will be friendly to young people who need a lot of space in the car for their friends. Regular Scenic will give this place, but make you feel bored because you are still young, but already driving Minivan. A Scenic Cabrio will give you a comprehension of the fact that you and your friends are going to the sea on a convertible, and it will make you feel young and full of energy. I believe that such a machine is very necessary in our world. Older people will get more pleasure from life driving this car, not a conventional minivan.

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