Ford Mustang GT 500 BTF concept

May 21, 2015 at 11:30

Ford Mustang GT 500 BTF, which means back to the future, will be the next concept car of the Company. It is time to decide to go back to what has become a legend. The new concept will have the design, which made famous the muscle car of 1967 year.

 Ford Mustang GT 500 BTF picture

Ford Mustang GT 500 BTF pics

The forerunner was well-known in the circles of fans of drag flight muscle car, which at the time was the subject of adoration of every second teenager not only in America, but also far beyond its borders.
Technical details are unknown of course, but we can only assume that, under the body of the legendary car will be the new technology and powerful engine. Who knows, maybe it will be a hybrid?

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