Eye-catching Nissan MuranEX concept

May 29, 2015 at 16:31

Nissan MuranEX car look more dynamic, brighter than its predecessor, based on which it will be built.
I think the new generation SUV will be longer and wider, but slightly lower than its predecessor. In addition, the car will receive all-glass panoramic roof. In general, equipment and materials trim the SUV will be richer and more interesting in terms of innovation.

Nissan MuranEX picture

Nissan MuranEX pics

The dashboard will become an assistant of the driver and will be fully managed by voice. Eye system will be able to monitor the driver’s view and fully interact with him and assist in driving. It will also be available for the function switch to autopilot. For example, when the Eye system determines extreme fatigue of the driver, it will be immediately asked to switch to an autopilot. In addition to these useful features, the car will become more lovely design.

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