Bugatti user concepts

The French company Bugatti specializes in luxury cars production and resembles Bentley a lot. The Concept models are badly noticeable, and it’s not so easy to prognosticate the future.

Bugatti user concept model

Let’s mark out the basic Bugatti series – Type, EB, Chiron, Galibier, Veyron, and all possible Concept models: Type 500, Type 1000, EB 500, EB 1000, Chiron Grand Sport, Chiron Super Sport, Chiron GT, Galibier Grand Sport, Galibier Super Sport, Galibier GT, Veyron GT, Veyron GTR.

There is an official news that Bugatti renounced Veyron and Galibier models, but I think that they were quite successful and it worth keeping producing them as models modifications.

All of us remember the most expensive sedan of a world at the price of 1 million euros from Bugatti. We hope that Galibier 16c is not the last luxury concept. This company may surprise!

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