Bentley user concepts

Bently car brand numbers not so big quality of models (less then 50) for to get confused. The regularity is noticeable if to set the popular particles of the models names aside (GT, GTC, L, R, RL, RT, S, T, Turbo).

Before filling out a table of possible concepts, let’s mark out the oldest models, which are not produced for a longtime and they hardly will.

I’d like to mark out 4 newest Bently models – Azure, Brooklands, Continental, Mulsanne, and Turbo series which is very popular.

bentley user concepts table_1
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I think, now it’s clear how we are going to get the list of Concept models. Let’s fill out all the remaining table spaces, which are not ticked off, with a red color. Altogether we got 29 names: Azure GT, Azure GTC, Azure L, Azure R, Azure RL, Azure RT, Azure S, Azure Turbo, Brooklands GT, Brooklands GTC, Brooklands L, Brooklands RL, Brooklands RT, Brooklands S, Brooklands T, Brooklands Turbo, Continental L, Continental RL, Continental RT, Mulsanne GT, Mulsanne GTC, Mulsanne R, Mulsanne RL, Mulsanne RT, Mulsanne T, Turbo GT, Turbo GTC, Turbo L, Turbo T.

bentley user concepts table_2
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One of the modern Bentley models is Continental GT3 and its upgraded model Continental GT3-R. The most expected Concept prototypes are following: Continental GT4, Continental GT5, Continental GT3-RL, Continental GT3-RT, Continental GT3-S, Continental GT3-T, Continental GT3-Turbo, Continental X.

There is also a wish for the Bentley company (it’s correct to say for the Volkswagen company) – to launch a Sport series, because producing luxury cars is very prestigious and trendy, but we would like more!

We advise you to follow official news on and not a single Concept will pass by you.