ZF Company developed a Smart Urban Vehicle

September 25, 2015 at 13:35

The company ZF presented a compact concept electric car Smart Urban Vehicle (“Smart city car”). New car features by an automatic parking system and an autonomous running.
The prototype is equipped “highly innovative” front axle, whereby the angle of rotation of the front wheel was 75 degrees. The ZF said that it greatly reduces the force on the steering wheel when parking or spread, greatly increasing maneuverability.

ZF Smart Urban Vehicle  pics

ZF Smart Urban Vehicle image

Smart Urban Vehicle is equipped with two electric motors developing 54 horsepower. Its top speed is 150 kilometers per hour.

ZF Smart Urban Vehicle  picture

ZF Smart Urban Vehicle pics

The concept has the function of Smart Parking Assist, allows for parallel and perpendicular parking without the presence of the driver’s cabin. The system is activated with a smartphone or “smart watch.” She finds a space in the parking lot, guided by data from the 12 ultrasonic sensors and two infrared sensors, and then parked the car yourself. Steering and brake pedal and the accelerator is controlled electronically.

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