The Swiss made a sports car with the autopilot and drone Rinspeed Etos

July 11, 2016 at 21:58

Company Rinspeed has developed a new prototype, called Etos.
There are no details about the powerplant of Etos. The Swiss are noted only that the concept car is equipped with “an intuitive, responsive, trained autopilot.” When you activate the steering wheel of the car is fully retracted into the instrument panel, and curved displays move closer to the driver and passenger.

Rinspeed Etos picture

Rinspeed Etos pics

Etos is also equipped with Harman multimedia system and unmanned aerial vehicle, landing site is located in the rear of the vehicle. It can be used, for example, take the car while driving.
This new product is the twenty-first concept car created by Rinspeed. This Etos is the first prototype of the company, which will premiere not in Switzerland.

Rinspeed Etos pics

Rinspeed Etos image

The latest novelty of the Swiss company – the concept Budii, based at the BMW i3. Prototype manned autonomous control system, which works by using a laser telescope. He pulled out of the roof by 70 centimeters and creates a 3D-picture environmental protection.

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