Renault Trucks presents the new concept Optifuel Lab 2

July 30, 2015 at 14:08

The company Renault Trucks presents conceptual truck Optifuel Lab 2. It will be a real laboratory on wheels.
Conceptual truck Optifuel Lab 2 is a continuation of the first project, which was called Optifuel Lab 1 and was released in 2009. Its main task as before is to minimize the operating a cost of the truck in which is the lion’s share of fuel.

Renault Optifuel Lab 2 picture

Renault Optifuel Lab 2 pics

Optifuel Lab 2 is based on the long-haul tractor Renault new generation – Series T, whose debut took place last year. In “Laboratory №2” are being testedg about 20 advanced technical solutions aimed at reducing fuel consumption. They are divided into four groups: energy management, aerodynamics, rolling resistance and help the driver.

Renault Optifuel Lab 2 pics

Renault Optifuel Lab 2 image

Renault Trucks believe that the consumption of the fuel can be reduced by 3 liters per 100 km with economical driving style.
There is a special system of using of GPS-navigation, which monitors terrain and establishes maximum speed for a particular area for optimum fuel economy. Optifuel Lab 2 applies intelligent accelerator with variable force to give the signal to the driver unless it is absolutely necessary do not exceed it on the road. When the speed should not be exceeded, the pedal is pressed and the weight is poured extremely reluctant.

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