Nissan developed Nissan Teatro for Day – a concept of social networks for fans

July 1, 2016 at 22:59

A concept, however it is difficult to guess, is based on illustrated a few years ago Dayz prototype. Both are focused on a younger audience that just has got its license. But the difference is that the current generations, which share in social networks every move and actually lives online, according to Nissan designers, need a special car.

Nissan Teatro for Day pics

Nissan Teatro for Day image

Such as Teatro for Dayz where the touch screen is present not only in the center console, but also on the backs of the seats and door cards. All this is connected with each other and create a kind of intelligent interactive space. However, the Japanese immediately make a footnote that their idea is still theoretically lies in the plane – the claimed technology is not ready yet. In this case, it is not clear why exhibiting the concept to the public?

Nissan Teatro for Day picture

Nissan Teatro for Day pics

According to the statements of the Japanese, Teatro for Dayz following the trend, it is equipped with an electric propulsion system, without further details. These we know or during a motor show in Tokyo, or do not know at all, if it really turns out that the concept – a “box”, created for the declaration of intent.

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