Hyundai introduced Carlino concept

August 22, 2016 at 00:27

Carlino represents a further development of Hyundai design philosophy and attracts the attention of a spectacular pattern taillights give the car a stylish and sporty look. Carlino interior combines stylish images, functionality and the latest technology. Innovative Platform «plug and play», as well as the opportunity to pick up the internal technical options under him will be appreciated by car owners.

Hyundai Carlino picture

Hyundai Carlino pics

Among the available options – interchangeable audio, video and navigation system, and a wireless rear view camera that provides all-round visibility for the driver. Any component can be replaced, allowing users the flexibility to select the equipment to fit your needs.

Hyundai Carlino pics

Hyundai Carlino image

Other integrated features such as a convenient engine start button and the door mirrors with the electric drive, providing added convenience and safety for the driver. Carlino ensure passenger safety in all conditions thanks to six airbags and help system when climbing the slope, which facilitates the task of the driver.

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