Concept 1199 Ducati Monster X

August 6, 2016 at 16:25

Ducati Monster – a great road builder, as it is equipped with the latest generation of engine with liquid cooling and has a more progressive design. Streetfighter series motorcycles visually look cooler, but sales suggest the popularity is the lineup Ducati Monster. We can only dream that in the future Italian factory will launch a new generation of Ducati Streetfighter with engine Superquadro.

1199 Ducati Monster X picture

1199 Ducati Monster X pics

At the moment, the fate of the range Ducati Streetfighter is in limbo, as in the model range 2016 there is no model at all. Bologna manufacturer, apparently, decided to develop the Ducati Monster range (only Naked in the model number), while the really aggressive straights yet.

1199 Ducati Monster X pics

1199 Ducati Monster X image

The picture presented an interesting concept aggressive streetfighter Ducati. Superquadro Engine – may not be the best choice for the chassis Ducati Monster, as this unit is focused on the track.
Concept 1199 Ducati Monster X is an interesting solution, but only for true connoisseurs of streetfighters.

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