BMW 1150GEth Concept

August 17, 2016 at 23:25

Designer Djordje Kovacevic developed the concept of the electric tricycle BMW 1150GEth, which is a futuristic bike with environmentally friendly drive. The concept has several interesting features, and the greatest interest is the suspension with the steering system.

BMW 1150GEth picture

BMW 1150GEth pics

George believes that the classical suspension replaces hydroelectric suspension in the future. He also avoided the lines of modern design, because it sought to unpopular design of the future, although traces of retro design elements, as well as the bike has elements of video game «Mass Effect», which was also the inspiration for the project. In the virtual tricycle George Kovacevic install the battery capacity of 12.8 kWh (estimated reserve of 200 km course, recharge up to 80 percent in 20 minutes) and an electric motor. Many motorcycle components are made of composite materials.

BMW 1150GEth pics

BMW 1150GEth image

It is an interesting fantasy, which is unlikely to ever be put into practice.

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