Concept Honda CRF250 Rally will be shown at the Tokyo Motor Show

October 23, 2016 at 22:54

The company Honda for the second year in a row will show the concept Honda CRF250 Rally at the Tokyo Motor Show 2016 to attract additional attention to such a motorcycle, whose purpose – to conquer the roads.
The Japanese manufacturer has officially announced that the show concept CRF250 Rally along with other cars and concepts. And this news confirms all previous rumors about the debut of the production model in 2017. Honda certainly knows how to pour oil on the fire.

Concept Honda CRF250 Rally pics

Concept Honda CRF250 Rally picture

Toyota crossed Yaris and RAV4

September 17, 2016 at 18:52

Company Toyota has published the first images of the conceptual two-door off-road vehicle ViRA. Its debut will be in January at the Tokyo Motor Show.

According to the brand, this prototype is a kind of combination of a compact car ViTZ (sold in some markets under the name Yaris) and RAV4 crossover, and the name of the new items is derived from the first two letters of each of these models.

Toyota ViRA picture

Toyota ViRA pics

Kawasaki Concept SC 01 Spirit Charger

July 22, 2016 at 00:07

In light of the success of models Ninja H2 / H2R Kawasaki company continues to develop its range of motorcycles charged. At the Tokyo Motor Show the Japanese manufacturer has discussed the development of its supercharger technology and presented a sketch of the motorcycle, which is called «Concept SC 01» or «Spirit Charger».

Kawasaki SC 01 Spirit Charger picture

Kawasaki SC 01 Spirit Charger pics

Subaru introduced Impreza 5-Door concept car

July 18, 2016 at 23:45

Fuji Heavy Industries, maker of Subaru automobiles, introduced the concept car Subaru Impreza 5-Door. Concept gives an idea of the direction in the design of not only the next-generation Impreza, but also in other Subaru models in the future.
Concept car Impreza 5-Door is based on the concept of “Dynamics and integrity.” Taking it as a basis, the car’s design embodies the idea of the unity of the sense of dynamics, high quality and functionality.

Subaru Impreza 5-Door picture

Subaru Impreza 5-Door pics

Toyota updated JPN Taxi conceptual taxi shown three years ago

July 17, 2016 at 23:37

Toyota Company will present an updated JPN Taxi Concept Car shown at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013 – a harbinger of a new production model, which in 2018 will gradually replace obsolete vehicles of taxi pools in the Japanese cities. From three years ago version the restyled prototype is different by front and side parts of the body.

Toyota JPN Taxi picture

Toyota JPN Taxi pics

New concept Yamaha Resonator 125

July 12, 2016 at 21:58

Yamaha has announced a vintage Yamaha Resonator Concept 125, designed for newcomers. The official premiere will be held October 29 at the motor show in Tokyo. In terms of design the new concept has much in common with a cult bike Yamaha SR400.

Yamaha Resonator 125 picture

Yamaha Resonator 125 pics

Toyota came up with the hot-road of the future called Kikai

July 10, 2016 at 21:46

Toyota will present the Company at the Tokyo Motor Show concept car called Kikai. The prototype looks like a mixture of hot rod of the future, made in the style of steam punk and racing buggies.
Overall length of the prototype is 3400 millimeters, width – 1800 mm, height – 1550 millimeters and the wheelbase is 2450 millimeters size. The car has three seats: the driver is located in the center of the car and two passengers are right behind him.

Toyota Kikai picture

Toyota Kikai pics