Mitsubishi introduced a concept car eX Concept

October 15, 2016 at 22:20

Mitsubishi Motors introduced the 86 the Geneva Motor Show eX Concept. Debuting in Europe, the model MITSUBISHI eX Concept is a compact electric car the SUV class, equipped with next-generation batteries, which provide a cruising range of 400 kilometers. The concept embodies the basic idea of the brand Mitsubishi – a new stage of driving – the next stage in the development of electric SUV.

MITSUBISHI eX Concept picture

MITSUBISHI eX Concept pics

Concept SUV IAT Kalman based on the “stealth” technology for $ 2 million

October 14, 2016 at 22:16

An incredible SUV has been recently introduced China. However, it conquers not only the by design. It is also incredibly expensive.
At the Beijing Auto Show last it was demonstrated very curious specimen SUV. Today, the model is still conceptual, but it is possible that this big man still sees a big way. The machine is called IAT Kalman. It is represented by the Ford it was. As already noted, the machine is marketed as an SUV, however, one look at it is enough to own all guess.

IAT Kalman picture

IAT Kalman pics

New spy concept of Land Rover Defender

October 1, 2016 at 23:44

We present to your attention the new concept of one of the cars of James Bond. Newbie Land Rover Defender 90 Spectre Edition has already managed to conquer the hearts and minds of thousands of drivers all over the world.
Land Rover Defender line of trucks are SUVs that do not need unnecessary representations and advertising. These are cars with a great name, known all over the world. This machine not once proved its reliability and high quality, winning the hearts of thousands of motorists across the planet. And now, in the universal judgment, it would be desirable to provide such a curious sample of how Land Rover Defender 90 Spectre Edition.

Land Rover Defender picture

Land Rover Defender pics

Volkswagen released Microbus of the 21st century

August 16, 2016 at 23:20

Volkswagen has introduced electric concept car Budd-e, which the automaker is positioned as «Microbus of the 21st century” (original Microbus was produced in the 60s). The premiere was held at the CES Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Volkswagen Microbus of the 21st century picture

Volkswagen Microbus of the 21st century pics

The new concept of a cross-coupé based on the Bentley Bentayga

August 7, 2016 at 16:40

There is not a lot of information about the exterior of the future Bentley Bentayga Coupe. But there are a lot of versions, so independent RM Design Studio designers have published their own sketches of future trends, based on stylistic solutions crossover Bentayga and “branded” features the brand Bentley. As it was estimated, artists have created some computer renderings of the vehicle.

Bentley Bentayga picture

Bentley Bentayga pics

Eye-catching Nissan MuranEX concept

May 29, 2015 at 16:31

Nissan MuranEX car look more dynamic, brighter than its predecessor, based on which it will be built.
I think the new generation SUV will be longer and wider, but slightly lower than its predecessor. In addition, the car will receive all-glass panoramic roof. In general, equipment and materials trim the SUV will be richer and more interesting in terms of innovation.

Nissan MuranEX picture

Nissan MuranEX pics

Futuristic SUV The Exploder II: brutality and environmental friendliness in one bottle

May 15, 2015 at 14:50

Despite the fact that the world is becoming more and more highways, brutal SUVs remain popular among thrill-seekers. Futuristic concept car The Exploder II is equipped with a chassis that allows overcoming the most difficult obstacles. In addition, it is made of environmentally friendly materials, while remaining “ally” of nature.

The Exploder II picture

The Exploder II pics