Supersonic futuristic three-wheeler concept

February 5, 2015 at 21:44

Many designers believe that the three-wheeler will be the most popular mode of transport in the future.
Supersonic Concept created for leisurely trips around the city, as well as for high-speed racing on the track and, moreover, completely harmless.
Designer Marko Lukovic borrowed an “air” style, popular with concept cars of 20-30-ies.
Supersonic is equipped with two electric motors – one for the rear wheels.
It has three small removable batteries that can be recharged from the mains. The cabin of the car has a photosensitive coating that allows you to control the flow of natural light.

Supersonic concept pics

Supersonic concept image

Supersonic – Futuristic Concept Car

August 18, 2012 at 09:41

Even though we have seen lots of concept cars presented by the world marquees, concepts are not usually designed by the ordinary designers. Most often the ideas for the futuristic vehicles come from the outside. This is the story of a new concept car Supersonic! Yugoslavian designer Marko Lukovic believes that electric cars of the future will change not only the content but also in their form. This ideas has not been attributed to any automaker yet, though from our opinion such an idea will be quite positively met by Toyota or maybe other Japanese brands.

Supersonic Concept Car Pic

Supersonic Concept Car Pic