Suzuki presented prototype iM4 a forerunner of a new off-road vehicle

September 3, 2015 at 16:49

Suzuki has brought to the Geneva Motor Show a prototype iM4. According to Autocar, the production version of the concept car can appear only in 2016. At the same time it should be the debut of a new generation of SUV Jimny.
Overall length of the prototype is 3693 millimeters, width is 1709 mm and height is 1566 millimeters. Wheelbase iM-4 is 2438 millimeters. Prototype is two millimeters shorter now, 109 mm wider and 139 mm in comparison with Jimny. The difference in size wheelbase is 188 millimeters in favor of the concept car.

Suzuki iM4 picture

Suzuki iM4 pics

Exciting Lamborghini SUV concept

June 5, 2015 at 21:50

Yes, indeed, it seems to be that the new model of the Italian company will change familiar for the brand flat and smooth asphalt which covers the fastest and most exciting tracks of the world, in favor of off-road. If you remove the label “Lamborghini”, then perhaps there are details which may determine the Lambo identity of this concept.

Lamborghini SUV Concept pic

Lamborghini SUV Concept pic