Nissan brought to Frankfurt hybrid concept Gripz

June 20, 2016 at 17:42

Nissan has shown its visitors the Frankfurt Motor Show a new concept Gripz – a compact crossover with hinged doors and a hybrid power plant.
In designing concept were involved two groups of designers – European and Japanese. The company emphasized that Gripz should be considered in the design plane, rather than how to replace some of the existing models. However, unofficial representatives of Nissan let slip that some of the decisions embodied in the concept will be used in the next generation of the Juke. A use is that. Gripz showed us a new vision of designers Nissan grille head optics and taillights, as well as the original rear rack.

Nissan Gripz picture

Nissan Gripz pics

Toyota revealed Nissan Juke rival concept car CH-R

June 19, 2016 at 17:36

Toyota has brought to the Frankfurt Motor Show concept car new CH-R, an early version of which was shown at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. The current pre-production prototype is a harbinger of a compact crossover that will compete with Nissan Juke.
The concept is built on a new platform TNGA already underlying fourth-generation hybrid Prius. The Japanese claim that this architecture will be 35-65 percent stronger structures used in current models.

Toyota CH-R picture

Toyota CH-R pics

Citroen Cactus M will get a surfboard

June 5, 2016 at 15:33

Citroen Company has published the first teaser of the new conceptual crossover. The car will be called Cactus M and is positioned as a successor model Mehari.
According to World Car Fans the novelty is based on C4 Cactus. It is expected that the concept will get a retro design. However, unlike the classical Mehari prototype equip likely hard top. According to executive director of the French company Linda Jackson, a similar car could give the brand more “cheerful image”. Whether to get a production version of the prototype, not yet reported.

Citroen Cactus M  picture

Citroen Cactus M pics

Peugeot 308R concept received a 500-strong hybrid installation

September 16, 2015 at 15:55

Peugeot Company has presented at the Shanghai Motor Show concept hybrid version of hatchback 308. At the moment, we are not informed, you will receive a prototype of the production version. The company’s concept is called the family hatchback with the possibilities of the supercar.

Peugeot 308R picture

Peugeot 308R pics

Citroen revealed a concept crossover Aircross

September 8, 2015 at 15:38

In Shanghai, a conceptual crossover Citroen Aircross had already had time to be lighted on the pair of spy shots. The prototype continued the mission of promoting the new corporate design of the brand, which was first mastered model Cactus, and by 2020 will be applied on all models Citroen.

Citroen Aircross picture

Citroen Aircross pics

In addition to the demonstration of design, prototype plays an important role of a technical nature: in the near future on the platform will be developed a similar model from the alliance partner PSA, the company Peugeot, as well as the new compact crossover premium line of DS, spun off from Citroen.

Citroen Aircross pics

Citroen Aircross image

Representatives Citroen reported that Aircross is all-wheel drive hybrid: the front wheels are driven by a petrol turbo engine capacity of 1.6 liters and 218 hp, rear – 95-horsepower electric motor. Batteries can be recharged from the mains, power reserve or off the gasoline engine is 50 km and average fuel consumption is claimed at 1.7 l / 100 km. This crossover allegedly dispersed to hundred in 4.5 seconds – although hard to believe in it with difficulty (the slowest Porsche 911 does it in 4.8 seconds).

Suzuki presented prototype iM4 a forerunner of a new off-road vehicle

September 3, 2015 at 16:49

Suzuki has brought to the Geneva Motor Show a prototype iM4. According to Autocar, the production version of the concept car can appear only in 2016. At the same time it should be the debut of a new generation of SUV Jimny.
Overall length of the prototype is 3693 millimeters, width is 1709 mm and height is 1566 millimeters. Wheelbase iM-4 is 2438 millimeters. Prototype is two millimeters shorter now, 109 mm wider and 139 mm in comparison with Jimny. The difference in size wheelbase is 188 millimeters in favor of the concept car.

Suzuki iM4 picture

Suzuki iM4 pics

Gelandewagen’s designer developed Mila Plus hybrid sports car

August 26, 2015 at 15:41

Austrian parts supplier Magna Steyr presented its own concept car called Mila Plus hybrid. Coupe is equipped with a new hybrid power plant.
The structure of the powerplant includes three cylinder gasoline engine and two sets of batteries of the electric motor on the front and rear axle. Total capacity is not known yet. Manufacturer named a dynamic performance: a parallel hybrid mode when the internal combustion engine and electric motor work together, the car accelerates from zero to hundred kilometers per hour in 4.9 seconds. When motors operate only on the set of “hundreds” takes 3.6 seconds.

Mila Plus picture

Mila Plus pics