Fiat FCC4 is it a four-door crossover coupe or a pickup?

November 29, 2014 at 00:14

The Italian automaker Fiat decided in advance to surprise Brazilians by the new concept car FCC4, which is quite difficult to attribute to any particular class of cars at Motor Show in Sao Paulo this year.
Let’s start with the title, which, surprisingly, stands quite banal. FCC4 – this is just an abbreviation of the Fiat Concept Car 4. It is more difficult with the essence of a novelty – the manufacturer describes the concept as a “four-door coupe with the soul of an adventurer. At the same time, we have to notice that the body FCC4 is made in such popular among Hispanics form as easy pickup. In general, crossover (called so for a bright mix of styles) resembles a cross between a pickup truck and extravagant Range Rover Evoque.

Fiat FCC4 concept pics

Fiat FCC4 concept picture