Concept of wedged supercar from Lamborghini

December 8, 2014 at 19:05

Aggressive, muscular and sleek supercar – these are the prototype of a new car Lamborghini, whose creators were inspired by the concepts of the wedge-shaped cars of the last century.
Wedge-shaped supercars brand Italdesign, Bertone and Pininfarina have become a real breakthrough in 1960, ahead of time for many decades. It would seem that such a concept design of car bodies is gone, but the designers of the world famous car manufacturer Lamborghini proved its viability by submitting a concept car “Ganador”. However, previously appeared at the Geneva the Motor model of the new supercar Lamborghini Huracan is too close to the wedge shape.

 Lamborghini Ganador concept  picture

Lamborghini Ganador concept pics

New Ford WRC RS160 concept

December 6, 2014 at 22:46

The new concept car, presented by Ford, apparently, will create a unique market segment of sports vehicles at affordable prices. The developers claim that their car they created for ordinary automobilists. Japanese designer Ken Nagasaka, a graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena (California), has decided to turn the idea of a rally car. His concept car Ford WRC RS160 has all the advantages of the rally car, such as agility, the ability to customize performance and aggressive styling. And it’s all in a compact hatchback with the engine situated in the middle.

Ford WRC RS160 concept  pics

Ford WRC RS160 concept picture

Conceptual crossover Quartz Concept 2015 from Peugeot part III

December 4, 2014 at 16:33

New Peugeot Quartz Concept 2015 has got a pretty bold and interesting appearance and small dimensions (length – 4.5 m, width 2.06 meters). The design of the exterior has a large number of sharp lines that emphasize the expressive silhouette trends.
Power plant of Peugeot Quartz Concept has three modes of driving. ZEV mode does not provide start-up gasoline engine and crossover can overcome about 50 kilometers distance on the electric motors alone. Road mode provides a petrol engine with a front motor. In Race mode all fully hybrid installation is activated. Receiving the information from the satellite and external cameras, air suspension can independently adjust the clearance (ground clearance) from 300 to 350 mm, which is very pleasing.

New Peugeot Quartz Concept 2015 pics

New Peugeot Quartz Concept 2015 picture

Conceptual crossover Quartz Concept 2015 from Peugeot part II

December 2, 2014 at 16:32

As reported about specifications, Peugeot Quartz Concept 2015 basically has a modular platform series EMP2, advantages which are already known for such models as the company Peugeot 308 model and brand Citroen – C4 Picasso. Developers deprived body SUV B-pillars, all the doors open vertically, and it is all in the compartment provides the driver and passengers a comfortable easy embarkation / disembarkation. Also, in addition, it has been provided for the convenience of elderly retractable footrests.
The decoration of interior decoration designers used polyester, which is produced from recycled plastic lemonade, beer, etc., bottles, center console sculpted from basalt.

Peugeot Quartz Concept 2015 pics

Peugeot Quartz Concept 2015 picture

Modern conceptual crossover Mercedes-Benz G-Code

November 10, 2014 at 16:21

The company presented a conceptual crossover Mercedes-Benz G-Code as part of the grand opening of a corporate design office Daimler Product Engineering Centre in Beijing. In concept Mercedes-Benz G-Code is a typical representative of a compact urban crossover. The new concept is a typical example of a nationally oriented product. It is characterized by a streamline shape and athletic proportions. Among the special features – compact size, the arsenal of many electronic systems and rechargeable (plug-in) hybrid propulsion system with a large power reserve, which is especially important in big Asian cities. However, electronically controlled four-wheel drive with a “virtual driveshaft” provides sports car’s performance and energy-saving technologies, both on track and off-road.

Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code image

Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code pics

Toyota Concept FT-1: the image of the future sports car

November 8, 2014 at 13:15

NEW company motto Toyota – fun to drive. Akio Toyoda, the current president and the grandson of its founder, decided to revive the Toyota’s sports past. As an acronym for “Future Toyota», FT-1, most likely, is a Supra concept, details of which appeared earlier. Salon is focused on maximum functionality and driver’s orientation. Stylistically, it resembles the interior of the Lexus LFA supercar. An interesting element that came from the military aviation is HUD-color display. The driver looks at the road directly through the transparent panel, which displays the required information.

Toyota Concept FT-1 images

Toyota Concept FT-1 picture