Toyota’s Auris hatchback turned into a Scion concept

November 16, 2014 at 12:39

The Scion Company, which is the US subsidiary of “Toyota”, has presented a new concept car called iM just a week before the official premiere at the Los Angeles Auto Show.
Novelty is re-embodied, “sports” version of the hatchback Auris that we already know.
The prototype was created in accordance with the stylistic features of the European Touring cars racing.
In the Scion Company the style of concept car is called “fascinating, with faceted inserts on the front bumper, deep air intakes and expressive fog lamps.” The color of iM is called Incrediblue (pun “incredible” and “blue”).

Scion iM Concept 2015 pics

Scion iM Concept 2015 picture