Toyota has shown Flesby – a car made of airbags

July 16, 2016 at 23:29

The company Toyoda Gosei is division of concern Toyota, which produces automotive components, will present at the Tokyo Motor Show concept car Flesby. The main feature of this device is the fact that his body is embedded a plurality of external airbags, drop in a collision with a pedestrian.

Toyota Flesby picture

Toyota Flesby pics

Concept of eco-friendly car AAVAConcept of eco-friendly car AAVA

January 25, 2015 at 23:44

How, would you think, could surprise the organizers of the Olympic Games in 2030?
The City of Helsinki is fighting for the right to host the Olympic Games in 2030.
We need to say that, that the results will not be announced yet very soon.
Despite this fact the organizers are trying to surprise the audience in full unusual concepts and ideas.
The new concept car AAVA is created totally from glass, biodegradable plastic, plywood, ceramic, and offers visitors guided tours of the city, showing them the local beauty, untouched by technological progress.

Concept  car AAVA pics

Concept car AAVA image

Concept car Xscape 2030

January 23, 2015 at 01:47

Not everyone can withstand the pressure of the city day and night. In the near future, will existe comfortable and secure private car XSCAPE.
Concept car Xscape is a personal car of the future through the eyes of a designer Shengjie Wang. The compact body and innovative wheels in the style of Tron (Tron: Legacy) remind us of the modern wagon of 1900s.
Wang is confident that in the near future cars of this type will prevail on urban roads. The combination of plastic, rubber and metal can provide high performance and safety.
Surely the famous detective Sherlock Holmes came to like the modern “coach”, moreover, it has extra space, just for his friend Dr. Watson. Maybe then catch the criminals took much less time and effort.

Concept car Xscape pics

Concept car Xscape picture