The biggest concept car Rolls-Royce Apparition. Student art project of Jeremy Westerlund

May 25, 2015 at 16:50

If a child crumb Jeremy Westerlund from Dallas asked what kind of car he wants to go in the future, it is unlikely he would be chosen as the vehicle is long and heavy box on four wheels. And just as a student, an adult Jeremy presented the Art Center School of Design, the project car of the future.

Rolls-Royce Apparition picture

Rolls-Royce Apparition pics

That actually looks like a long rectangular box with wheels. This project is called Rolls-Royce Apparition, and is the largest ever designed sedans this model.

Rolls-Royce Apparition pics

Rolls-Royce Apparition image

Thus, the seven-car designed in such a way that is both convertible and saloon because the driver’s seat is on the outside, in the fresh air and passenger – inside, under the roof of the car. However, this is all that we can say about car- “sperm whale” with 23-inch wheels: while the car is just a visualization, a kind of “desire” of the author, but whether it will be brought to life – a big issue to the manufacturer.

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