Supercar Concept Cheetah-R: futuristic road predator

April 12, 2015 at 16:26

The fauna is often a source of inspiration for many designers. For example, the concept car Cheetah-R, as the name implies, has borrowed features the world’s fastest mammal – the cheetah.

FBD Cheetah-R pics

FBD Cheetah-R image

The concept, developed by Balázs Filczer, like the prototype, probably will be able to get the palm in the rate, but among the steel “beasts”. Aerodynamic body, aggressive lines – virtually every element of the car says about his power.

FBD Cheetah-R picture

FBD Cheetah-R pics

As for the specifications, then they are still kept secret. We only know that the car will be powered by 12-cylinder engine.

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