Peugeot Shine – Super-Design Concept

December 21, 2012 at 09:03

Today we are going to present to you a quite interesting concept car of the French automaker – Peugeot. As French cars are not usually known for the power output or even for the great ride and drive that they offer, but they are rather more of the technology leaders and the ones that put everything on the design, therefore the new concept car is going to prove this interesting bias one more time! Be prepared, we are presenting to you a new concept car known as Peugeot Shine!

Peugeot Shine Concept

Peugeot Shine Concept Car Photo

Polish designer Piotr Czyzewski who is currently residing in Sweden has introduced the concept of sporty Peugeot Shine. In strict and at the same time streamlined shape of the vehicle there is hidden power of sports cars and elegant luxury of the high-class car. Streamlined shape gives the car excellent aerodynamic characteristics, which in turn gives it a good momentum and allows for excellent speed.

Peugeot Shine Concept

Peugeot Shine Concept Car Pic

Though the speed and power are not the main focus, just try to look at this car and you will understand that this is a new manifestation of style and luxury on the European roads! So we better say no more, just enjoy the pictures of the great car and its magnificent design!

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