Nostalgic concept car Bugatti Gangloff

January 13, 2015 at 18:58

Bugatti cars are perhaps one of the most elegant in the world. Concept Bugatti Gangloff – is not an exception. By combining design elements of old and new models of the company, the designer Pawel Czyzewksi created a unique but recognizable style.
Bugatti Gangloff – a supercar with an amazing design and original concept that we are unlikely to see on the streets in the near future. Young designer from Poland Paul Szhizhevski to create this car inspired image Bugatti 1938, which was established Franco-Swiss company Gangloff bodywork called the Type 57 Sport Compressor Atlante Coupe.
Source of inspiration was designed engineer Gangloff, but the resulting supercar looks more like a futuristic remake of a car in 1938, as it includes a pair of elements of Bugatti Veyron.

 Bugatti Gangloff pics

Bugatti Gangloff picture

Information about a hardware concept designer is keeping silent.

Bugatti Gangloff pics

Bugatti Gangloff image

Bugatti Gangloff does not have in its arsenal of futuristic technology, but stylish and powerful machine from the legendary supercar manufacturer is unlikely to impress even the most demanding motorists.
Bugatti Gangloff is like a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting oil from the world of luxury supercars. It’s difficult to convey in words the stunning design of this concept.

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