Hyundai Vision G defies coupe Mercedes-Benz S-Class

June 26, 2016 at 15:34

Over the appearance of conceptual coupe Vision G worked Hyundai design team of three major regions – North America, Asia and Europe. The aim was to create a noticeable but not too bulky car. Hyundai’s chief designer Peter Schreyer noted that Vision G is a fresh interpretation of Hyundai Motor, which combines balancing design with elements that have not yet become a stereotype for machines of this class. Most interesting is that the exterior Vision G was very similar to the new coupe Mercedes-Benz S-Class, especially when viewed in profile.

Hyundai Vision G picture

Hyundai Vision G pics

Developers have done everything to 5.0-liter V-shaped “eight” gasoline engine with capacity of 420 hp had a flatter curve of maximum torque, and at lower speeds, which improves driving performance of the machine.

Hyundai Vision G pics

Hyundai Vision G image

As for the Coupe Vision G interior, there are used two latest technological gadgets companies. This interactive system Remote Wheel, allows you to manage the information unit with the help of gestures, as well as digital panel Curved Display devices.

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