Honda has updated FCV the concept of the hydrogen car

August 19, 2015 at 15:07

The Japanese company Honda has introduced an updated version of its hydrogen car. The public debut of new items was held at the Auto Show in Detroit. The prototype is called FCV and is an improved version of the concept FCV, which made its debut last year in Los Angeles. Production version of the car must appear on the Japanese market in 2016. Later FCV gets to Europe and the United States.

Honda FCV picture

Honda FCV pics

The car has received, LED lights, wheels and aerodynamic sloping roof. Shop FCV trimmed in leather and wood. The model is equipped with a special transmission, its compact dimensions which managed to increase the space inside the car.

Honda FCV pics

Honda FCV image

The company said that the size of the fuel cell is less than 33%. The overall performance increased by 60%. Charging time of a vehicle does not exceed 3 minutes. Other technical details of the car are kept in secret.
Recall, the first hydrogen car Honda sedan was the FCX. The car was introduced in 2008. Sedan can be purchased in leasing, but achieved popularity in the market and could not.

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