Handmade Concept Volvo T6 Roadster show car

July 17, 2015 at 17:43

The famous Swedish automaker Volvo has presented a concept show car, which hit their appearance connoisseurs of style and of its technical characteristics can “compete” with the sports car.
Concept Volvo T6 Roadster Concept a few years ago surprised the world. The show car made in retro style was put up for auction site eBay and was sold for nearly $ 100,000.

Concept Volvo T6 Roadster picture

Concept Volvo T6 Roadster pics

Under the hood, Volvo T6 Roadster Concept is installed 2.9-liter turbo 6 cylinder from the Volvo S80. The power unit is located in the rear. Vehicle capacity of 300 “horsepower” can reach speeds of up to 328 km / h.

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