Electric Concept Zeleritas: eco-friendly and safe sports car of the future

April 2, 2015 at 16:11

Electric cars are often presented as a small and rather slow car for comfortable movement around the city.
However, the concept car Zeleritas allow the driver to drive a sports car feel, while at the same time, safe and environmentally friendly transport.
Concept designer Willie Tay is a futuristic single roadster.

Zeleritas picture

Zeleritas pics

The driver’s cab is made in the image of a fighter cockpit: Sliding glass, steering-wheel and head-up display that allows you to not be distracted from the road.
Electric car is also equipped with durable and lightweight body, numerous stabilization systems and driver assistance.

Zeleritas pics

Zeleritas image

A nice addition was the paramagnetic coating that allows you to change the color of the car. Information about the technical equipment remains a mystery.

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