Eco-friendly supercar Audi Avatar

May 19, 2015 at 16:30

Environmentally friendly – an essential requirement for the future of supercars because the long-suffering ecosystem of large cities can not sustain the huge amount of exhaust gases and waste. Concept car Audi Avatar has four electric motors with total capacity of 544 horsepower and its body is made of eco-friendly material. The designer was inspired by racing car Auto Union Type C Streamline 1937.

Audi Avatar pics

Audi Avatar image

Audi Avatar developed a graduate of Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Edwin Conan. Instead of conventional doors, opening the car has three “windows”: one for the driver and two passengers.

Audi Avatar picture

Audi Avatar pics

The car can be controlled by steering, joystick or buttons, depending on the preferences of the driver. All the information about the movement of the machine is displayed on the LCD-display on the dashboard or projected on the windshield.

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