CarDboard car by designer Thierry Dumaine

February 22, 2015 at 00:43

What can be created from the waste, namely cardboard and plastic? Designer Thierry Dumaine introduces their creative ideas created ecological car called car Dboard, which runs on natural fuel.
In an effort to create the most eco-friendly car designer Thierry Dumaine, probably walked all. His brainchild called car Dboard created from recycled materials: cardboard and plastic, and hybrid engine uses only natural fuel.

CarDboard picture

CarDboard pics

Minimalistic brown car has no doors, no dash, no roof and is made only in one color – brown. Body and seat are made of recycled cardboard, the chassis – from recycled plastic. Control of the vehicle is carried out with the help of iPad, connected via Wi-Fi. Hybrid engine is powered by one of three fuels: gasoline, compressed air or electricity.

CarDboard image

CarDboard pics

Its top speed will be 70 km / h, however, the more he is not required, because it is designed for short trips around town. Residents of cities with frequently changing weather conditions will be difficult to use a car that has no roof. Not only designer Thierry Dumaine drew his attention to a material such as cardboard. Company Chairigami creates creative and solid furniture made of cardboard, which enjoys great popularity.

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