Marangoni presented a concept car based on the Toyota GT86

March 7, 2013 at 11:34

Italian tire manufacturer Marangoni Tyre has chosen the Geneva Motor Show event for the premiere of their new show car, which this year is a modified Toyota GT86 on the red tires Marangoni M-Power EvoRed. In its press release, Marangoni, which for the sixth consecutive year provides us with the concept cars on the colored tires, noted that “an intriguing idea was to use the unmistakable Italian style, to improve something that is already perfect in itself.”

Marangoni Toyota GT86

Marangoni Toyota GT86 Photo

Tuning for Marangoni also traditionally engaged Simone Neri and Design Studio TRC Italia, who named its new creation Toyota GT86-R Marangoni Eco Explorer. Main technological feature of the new concept car is the innovative use of ammonia fuel, which, when turned on eliminates carbon emissions completely.

Marangoni Toyota GT86

Marangoni Toyota GT86 Pic

One liter of ammonia costs only 20 cents, and 30 liters, which are placed in a tank GT86, can drive about 180 km. The advantage is that at 2800 rev / min the car can be driven, consuming only ammonia and engine turned with increasing workloads. Thus, theoretically, in a city mode you can go only on the ammonia, while Marangoni stresses that due to the high energy intensity of the fuel saved all the characteristics of a sports coupe.

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