Wooden Concept Car

November 30, 2012 at 09:40

Even among the most unusual concept cars there is a miracle car called Splinter. This model stands alone and it is no wonder! The fact is that it is entirely made out of wood. This eco-friendly material was encountered in the design of cars in the past, but no one would ever go that far so as to construct a car solely out of wood. In addition, it is also a hard-edged supercar with the performance level as one of the best models of Ferrari and Lamborghini! Without a doubt, Splinter is the most ambitious project of its kind in the car history.

Splinter Wooden Concept

Splinter Wooden Concept Car Image

Amazing Concept was a thesis project at the University of North Carolina students, led by industrial designer Joe Harmon. And this project was very innovative, despite the apparent archaism of the selected material. The fact is that the details of the car were glued with advanced technology, that resulted for a strong and flexible product. The machine is extremely durable, and possess the qualities necessary for a true supercar – that is, it is very strong and lightweight.

Splinter Wooden Concept

Splinter Wooden Concept Car Photo

In order to achieve the desired result in the power output students used other wood Orange McClure – the most durable wood in North America, which is stronger than oak, and has a beautiful golden hue. McClure plate and other types of wood are glued together so that the fiber layers were combined as efficiently as possible to achieve the highest strength. Body was made using this technology, stronger and lighter than steel, and is only slightly inferior in these indicators to Carboniferous, which is traditionally used in supercars.

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