Renault showed new concept car Eolab

July 29, 2015 at 13:57

Renault has unveiled a concept car Eolab. The prototype is equipped with a hybrid power plant, which consumes a liter of fuel per hundred kilometers.

Renault Eolab picture

Renault Eolab pics

The structure of the power plant of Eolab has 1.0-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine with 75 horsepower (95 Nm of torque), a three-stage gearbox, collected a single unit with an electric motor, whose output is 68 hp and 200 Nm, and the lithium-ion battery capacity of 6, 7 kilowatt-hours. Only on the electric Eolab can drive about 60 kilometers.

Renault Eolab pics

Renault Eolab image

The powerplant of Eolab operates in two modes: weekday (for daily trips from home to work) and weekend (for longer stays). In the first case the unit most of the time using electric traction. In first gear the maximum speed of 60-70 kilometers per hour, and the second – 120 kilometers per hour. In the transition to the third stage automatically connects the internal combustion engine. In the second case the electric traction only used from a standing start, while even at low speeds both motors operate together.

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