New Smart SUV Prototype

December 31, 2012 at 09:57

The global car market of crossovers of the year 2015 will be complemented by the new and trully revolutionary model of Smart. The company currently operates on a worldwide market and hardly works on the modernization of its model range. Therefore soon we will be able to witness the emergence of three new products of this car brand.

Smart SUV Prototype

Smart SUV Prototype Photo

The first ever brand of compact urban crossover will be built on the grounds of the model that was presented in the Paris – concept car Forstars. The range of engines of the new SUV Smart will include a 4-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines with a power range of up to 148 horsepower. Though, the name of the future members of the compact SUV segment has not been invented yet.

Smart ForFour

Smart ForFour Model Pic

In addition, in early 2014, a new generation of the model ForTwo will see the world. The development of which was attended by engineers of Renault. Exterior of the popular “baby” will reflect the mood of the electric vehicle concept Forvision. Inside one will be able to find a portable multimedia center with a touch screen, and under the hood there will be a two-cylinder gasoline engine with 65 hp and 87-horsepower electric motor. A little later the market will greet the restyled ForFour with a 3-cylinder engine producing 84 hp and 104-hp.

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