New Honda Neowing tricycle concept

June 28, 2016 at 15:49

Japanese manufacturer Honda plans to keep up with rival companies and Yamaha announced a new concept, which will be officially unveiled at the motor show in Tokyo. While Yamaha Tricity is a three-wheeled motorcycle / scooter for the city, the company Honda has created a more aggressive concept called Neowing.

Honda Neowing pics

Honda Neowing picture

From the statement of Honda: “Neowing – unprecedented 3-wheeled vehicle, which guarantees a feeling of twists and sporty dynamics of a large motorcycle, as well as the stability at low speeds. The vehicle is equipped with a hybrid system that combines horizontally opposed 4-cylinder engine and electric motors, which allow achieving high torque for quick acceleration.”

Honda Neowing pics

Honda Neowing image

In front of the used patented lever suspension which allows the machine to bend. Other features: large disc brakes, aluminum frame, carbon-fiber body kit.

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