Concept Car LIV-1 Showed Future of SsangYong Brand

March 29, 2013 at 12:48

South Korean car manufacturer continues to demonstrate its chosen future design direction. What can we expect in the near future from the company SsangYong, is already hinted in the show cars XIV-1, XIV-2, e-XIV and SIV-1. Now, at the motor show in Seoul flaunts new concept of SsangYong LIV-1 – all-wheel drive crossover with boundless interface (Limitless Interface Vehicle).

2013 Ssang Yong LIV-1

2013 Ssang Yong LIV-1 Photo

The idea of designers was to make the exterior of crossover LIV-1 more reliable, purposeful and sporting. The concept got a full glass roof, which will be cleaned from the snow and ice by the special technique that somehow uses nanotubes.

2013 Ssang Yong LIV-1

2013 Ssang Yong LIV-1 Pic

No specifications from Koreans were provided for us so that we would know about the futuristic stuffing of the “unlimited” SUV. Though it is for sure equipped with different new devices and gadgets. Thanks to new technologies in the IT-car of your choice you can change the location of devices, adjust interior lighting, organize your media system … In a word, SsangYong LIV-1 has everything to customize personal space to the owner. Interaction with the car is going through the five displays: a 10-inch on the front panel, and a seven-inch headrest. The serial version of the model will be available by 2015.

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