Chevrolet has brought to Shanghai concept FNR with “dragon wings”

September 17, 2015 at 16:00

Chevrolet introduced the concept at the Shanghai motor show electric car FNR, equipped with autonomous control function. When the autopilot is on front seats of the car can be deployed against the motion. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with doors rising, which the manufacturer calls “the wings of a dragon.”

Chevrolet FNR pics

Chevrolet FNR image

The draft prepared by the Shanghai Design Bureau of concern General Motors. By design, the machine is designed for the youth of the future. The concept car has received the laser lights and without bush wheels that rotates with the four electric motors.

Chevrolet FNR picture

Chevrolet FNR pics

Charging the battery can be filled with the wireless induction charger. In addition, the roof of the car is the radar that helps electronics automatically take it over. Translate car back to manual mode, you can use gestures.

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