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February 25, 2013 at 09:19

The new concept car that came across our attention is a new bus for three passengers. Yes, you have read everything right, we are going to talk about bus right now, Bus shape, unusual riding position and the other passangersbus glazing and sliding double doors on the right side. But all of this is packaged in a body length of just over 3.7 meters. This is the show car microMAX, which, according to the famous Swiss bodywork studio, is nothing less than “revision of the concept of mobility.”

MicroMAX Concept Car

MicroMAX Concept Car Photo

The new creation of the microMAX is the electric vehicle, electric filling of which is close to the Linde Material Handling – companies involved in the project. As the car moves silently, there is provided a synthesizer sound that attracts the attention of pedestrians.

MicroMAX Concept

MicroMAX Concept Car Pic

The main thing in the new concept is not the layout but the outlandish look and concept application. Swiss company with a whole bunch of partners developed a “wagon”, which should cross the elements of personal and public transport. “Heart” of the new concept is the 19-inch touchscreen display with three-dimensional interface and three-dimensional animation.

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