All-wheel drive motorcycle Wunderlich BMW R1200GS LC concept

August 15, 2016 at 23:17

Wunderlich Company, which specializes in accessories for motorcycles BMW, also famous for the release of custom motorcycles and concepts that often are precursors of new models. Wunderlich German brand known throughout the world, and is the pinnacle for a relatively small producer.

BMW R1200GS LC picture

BMW R1200GS LC pics

Wunderlich Company introduced the concept of all-wheel drive motorcycle BMW R1200GS, which is equipped with a hybrid powertrain with an electric front-wheel drive, which is designed by Italian experts «Evolt». The new project is called «BMW R1200GS LC». The electric motor mounted in the front wheel hub, produces 10 kW, which is a nice addition to the standard oppositus with liquid cooling. The electric motor has regenerative braking technology, which is very important for a small charge the battery, located under the front beak.

BMW R1200GS LC pics

BMW R1200GS LC image

If the motor is used alone, it can accelerate to 20 km / h, but what is interesting: it is possible to use electric drive as a “reverse gear”, which will significantly simplify maneuvering a motorcycle in the parking lot. Everything else, all-wheel drive has a number of advantages on the roads, especially in the mud or slippery surfaces.

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