Tesla will release 2015 Model X electric crossover this summer

February 2, 2015 at 13:35

The representatives of the Tesla Motors company made an official statement that the international community will demonstrate the new crossover Tesla Model X in the summer 2015. In Northern California the photo spies managed to waylay a working prototype of this long-awaited crossover 2015 Tesla Model X. Electric SUV is still tightly closed with the snow-white camouflage. The development of Tesla Model X is not finished yet, and its design looks incomplete; there is a name of the manufacturer on the trunk of a Tesla X crossover prototype, and the front part is made in the spirit of previous models.

2015 Tesla Model X electric crossover pic

2015 Tesla Model X electric crossover pic

Tesla Model X is a third all-electric model of the car manufacturer behind the Tesla Roadster and its Model S sedan. Even if Model X looks a lot like Model S, this new 7-passenger car is going to be more family-friendly than the Model S.

2015 Long -awaited crossover Tesla Model X  pic

2015 Long -awaited crossover Tesla Model X pic

The developers made its headlights, taillights, grille and general contours similar to the Model S sedan’s. We can notice that even the cars’ dashboards are pretty similar, with the 17-inch central touch screen. However, still the Model X has two important differences: two rear “falcon-wing” doors and a set of forward-facing third row of comfortable seats.

These two models share the platform, but Tesla X will be outfitted with the all-wheel drive. The buyers will be able to choose one of two battery capacities – the standard 60-kWh pack, and an 85-kWh unit is optional.

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