Lexus has built a cardboard sedan IS with an electric motor

July 2, 2016 at 23:05

It is surprising and unusual way the company Lexus has decided to have a sign of attention to numerous employees of its plants – Japanese built IS sedan cardboard mockup and equipped it with an electric motor.

Lexus IS picture

Lexus IS pics

In working on a cardboard car for three months helped the company specialists Lexus LaserCut Works, Scales and Models and manufacturer DS Smith cardboard. Five people were engaged in the design, modeling, laser cutting and assembling the proper carton machine spent 1700 cardboard sheet 10 millimeters thick, connecting them to each other using a water-based adhesive.
What, indeed, it is such an unusual dedication to employees of factories Lexus? The fact is that in the process of preparation for work on the assembly line they are trained to collect paper origami figure of a cat using only the non-working hand (for left-handed people it is right hand, for right-handers, respectively, left). For everything will only be given one and a half minutes. Not an easy task, but without its successful implementation can not get to work.

Lexus IS pics

Lexus IS image

Japanese culture is very subtle and not always comprehensible. It is difficult to say whether such workers Lexus dedication satisfied (or the cash prize they would rejoice more), but definitely cardboard Lexus IS is a work of art, worthy of admiration and inspired contemplation.

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