General Motors concept of an SUV on hydrogen, cleaning the air

December 12, 2014 at 22:33

Conceptual model HUMMER O2 makes SUVs look at a new way. The creators of the cars proved that cars can bring continuous benefit for the environment. Engineers and designers from General Motors offered the original concept SUV that will not pollute the environment, and vice versa – to clean the air by producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. This is made possible thanks to a special algae placed in the transparent body inside the car. These plants, according to the creators of the HUMMER O2, convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. The body of the car is 100 percent “green”, as it is made of recycled material. Aluminum vehicle frame, seat made from environmentally friendly plastic. All of these materials can be easily recycled, because when the car will serve its own, then it can be used to produce electricity and biofuels.

HUMMER O2 image

HUMMER O2 pics

At each wheel of HUMMER O2 is installed hydraulic motor. Power hydraulics will be carried out by an individual fuel cell. The SUV will be refueled with hydrogen balloon which is located in the center of the car.

HUMMER O2 pics

HUMMER O2 picture

For all its environmentally friendliness the Hummer O2 is maintained for “off-road” abilities. Thanks to Active Tread TM tires is possible to change the tread pattern. Moreover, in the wheel rim active system is built that not only adapts the tire to the road surface, but also reduces the possible damage to the soil.

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