Electric car Tesla Model S P85D set a new world record

February 2, 2015 at 20:15

Last year, the presentation of a new modification of the charged Tesla Model S P85 fastback tool a place. Together with the index «D» it has received two electric motors with a total capacity of 691 horsepower, as well as wheel-drive system. Before this version of the electric vehicle could boast of 470 horsepower, besides it always demonstrated the high productivity during test runs and high-speed races. Now, however, the model Tesla Model S P85D became a full champion, setting a world record for drag racing in its class.

2015 New fast Tesla Model S P85D  pic

2015 New fast Tesla Model S P85D pic

Tesla Model S P85D participated in competitive races on a straightaway, which was organized in Palm Beach, California. During the sprint race Tesla Model S P85D demonstrated such a high effectiveness that it has allowed it to become the fastest ever produced electric car in its class.

Electric car Tesla Model S P85D  photo

Electric car Tesla Model S P85D photo

For getting such an honorable status the Elon Musk and Tesla Motoros engineers’ product took the distance of 402 meters in just 11.6 seconds. The driver of Tesla Model S P85D for the specified time has managed to speed up the fastback to 184 km / h. Electric car needed just 3.1 seconds for reaching the speed of 100 km / h.

The record was recorded and officially confirmed by representatives of the NEDRA National Drag-racing Association of electric cars.

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