Concept car Xscape 2030

January 23, 2015 at 01:47

Not everyone can withstand the pressure of the city day and night. In the near future, will existe comfortable and secure private car XSCAPE.
Concept car Xscape is a personal car of the future through the eyes of a designer Shengjie Wang. The compact body and innovative wheels in the style of Tron (Tron: Legacy) remind us of the modern wagon of 1900s.
Wang is confident that in the near future cars of this type will prevail on urban roads. The combination of plastic, rubber and metal can provide high performance and safety.
Surely the famous detective Sherlock Holmes came to like the modern “coach”, moreover, it has extra space, just for his friend Dr. Watson. Maybe then catch the criminals took much less time and effort.

Concept car Xscape pics

Concept car Xscape picture

What about the car, we know that the car will provide the driver a comfortable trip: minimalist interior can create the perfect atmosphere for the driver and its passengers, there will be also adjust lighting and sound. XSCAPE will be controlled by two joysticks.

Concept car Xscape pics

Concept car Xscape image

The special design of the body and chassis allows to “stretch” the car, adding space for one passenger. Body is literally stuffed with sensors to warn the driver of the possible danger.
According to the designer, the car will not start before 2030.

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