Citroen Divine DS hatchback is built with laser lights and crystals Swarovski

July 22, 2015 at 19:31

The company prepared a concept Citroen hatchback called the Divine DS. In its design were used laser headlights made by the same technology that BMW and Audi do, as well as the “holographic” display and crystals Swarovski.

Citroen Divine DS picture

Citroen Divine DS pics

According to the French manufacturer, the novelty is not founded on the basis of any existing model and does not hint at the emergence of similar serial car. The prototype demonstrates the direction in which will develop the brand DS, including the design of future vehicles.

Citroen Divine DS pics

Citroen Divine DS image

Concept has a glass roof made from a variety of different-sized diamond-shaped crystals, some of which are made clear, tinted and frosted. In this case there is no rear glass hatch – what is happening behind the vehicle is displayed on a 10.4-inch display, mounted in place of the traditional mirror.
Citroen prepared a draft of personalization of the interior for Divine DS, which allows you to change the design options for 15 minutes.

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