BMW 7-Series MS Sport 2016

March 2, 2015 at 17:00

What will be like the next generation of BMW 7-Series MS Sport? In the range of sedans BMW 7-Series have to appear the new modification of the actual version probably next year. For sure the actual sports modification, which is called 7-Series M Sport, is also quite powerful.

BMW 7-Series MS Sport picture

BMW 7-Series MS Sport pics

But there will be the model that differs from the base of complete sets by a really aggressive body kit, 20-inch wheels, ergonomic sport seats and the totally new steering wheel. In addition, the new car will be the most powerful version of the same diesel (730d) and will develop 386 horsepower, which would make it a bit less economical (for 0.3 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers).

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